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Islamic finance

Islamic finance

With Shariah compliant securities issuances growing at rates as high as 25% per annum and an estimated global worth in billions of dollars, Islamic finance markets are commanding the international finance community's interest.
Despite the global financial crisis, Islamic finance is still thriving with liquidity, active, and is becoming increasingly more competitively priced and accessible. Islamic financial institutions, hedge funds, and conventional institutional investors increasingly require experienced lawyers. Clyde & Co understands the fundamental conventional and Islamic legal principles, innovations in increasingly sophisticated Islamic structures and techniques, and the market intelligence underlying this fast changing sector.

With expertise centered in Clyde & Co's Middle Eastern offices, our Islamic finance team deliver solutions across our core sectors in accordance with the principles and values of Islam. Our expertise extends across Islamic insurance (Takaful), corporate finance, trade finance, project finance, ship finance, and aviation finance, including the following:

  • Islamic financial products (ijara, istisna'a, mudharabah, murabahah, musharaka, bai' salam, ijarah thumma bai, mudharabah muqaradhah, dhaman/kafalah, and hawalah).
  • Islamic trade finance (al-wakalah/agency, al-murabahah/deferred lump sum sale or cost plus, almusharakah/joint-venture profit-sharing).
  • Islamic banking and private debt securities (bai'inah, ijarah, and al-bai' bithaman ajil).
  • Islamic capital markets (raising finance through sukuk issuance and securitisations).
  • Islamic regulatory compliance

Our track record also extends to Islamic capital markets, risk management and derivatives, asset management, electronic Islamic banking, Islamic offshore products, and cutting-edge developments in Islamic banking and finance.