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Bermuda form

Bermuda form

Clyde & Co has exceptionally talented lawyers who advise Insurers on the complex Bermuda Form, which provides Excess Liability Insurance and Reinsurance. We have first-class lawyers in New York, New Jersey and San Francisco who advise Insurers on policy wordings and US claims, and excellent lawyers in London who advise on wordings and European claims.

Where claims reach confidential arbitration, and whether the issues involve difficult contract interpretation or contract-formation points, our teams have a compelling track record in the conduct of cases (on substantive, procedural and tactical aspects) in order to assist insurers to resolve their disputes successfully through awards or commercial settlements. Members of our team have written and spoken extensively on the Bermuda Form.

The standard forms of Bermuda Form wordings usually provide that policies are subject to New York state law, and that disputes are subject to arbitration in London.  Other versions of the Form used primarily in Europe provide for other laws, usually English Law, to apply. Whatever the issues that arise, our lawyers have the experience to assist.