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Insurance and reinsurance

Insurance and reinsurance

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Key components of insurance and reinsurance - Law and practice in Latin jurisdictions

A practical guide

We have produced this Guide to provide a quick reference tool to the legal framework for the handling of insurance and reinsurance claims in each of the main "Latin" jurisdictions. This guide, written by our London based Latin team, is primarily aimed at those working in the international markets but who have an interest in or exposure to claims and losses in Latin America.

Please click here to view the guide.

2nd Edition of The International Comparative Guide to Insurance and Reinsurance

Published by Global Legal Group

Clyde & Co Partners Jon Turnbull and Geraldine Quirk acted as Contributing Editors, contributing two chapters to the 2013 International Comparative Legal Guide to Insurance & Reinsurance. The 2013 edition follows on from the success of the 2012 Guide.

The first chapter examines Insurance Contract Law Reform Proposals in the United Kingdom while the other focuses on an overview of general insurance and regulatory issues in England and Wales.
The Guide is published by Global Legal Group Ltd, London and provides an overview of a number of different jurisdictions around the globe.

Maire Ni Aodha and Polina Kondratyuk of our office in Moscow provided a chapter in respect of Russia.

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Corporate Insurance M&A - A global overview 2009-2012

The 2009 - 2012 Corporate Insurance report on M&A activity analyses data for the past three years, and our corporate insurance specialists around the world have compiled a review of key trends and activity in each of their regions. Transactions dropped in the first half of 2012 to the lowest level for three years, albeit with some regional variation, confirming an overall decline in activity over the last three years. 

Please click here to view the 2009 - 2012 Corporate Insurance report on M&A activity.

Click here for additional commentary published in Q1 2013.

Insurance Transfers in Europe

The Insurance Transfers in Europe book, edited by Geraldine Quirk, summarises some of the procedures available for transferring insurance portfolios across Europe, and contains contributions from lawyers in the following jurisdictions: Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, The Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, and the UK.

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Time Bar

The Time Bar book is an essential reference work for anyone involved in (re)insurance claims both at home and abroad.

The last edition was typically referred to by claims practitioners as "the most thumbed book in the office" and despite having originally been produced 13 years ago has been in continual demand.  The new edition covers the law on limitation of actions in 44 countries and 30% of the entries are by Clyde & Co staff in our various offices worldwide.

As with the popular first edition, Paul Bugden has produced the English law section and has edited the other contributions to achieve a reasonably uniform coverage of the key points in all the jurisdictions covered.

War Risks & Terrorism

Andrew Tobin has co-authored a leading textbook on the insurance of "War Risks & Terrorism", for The Insurance Institute of London. Other professional contributors were drawn from across the London insurance market.

This new study:  (i) examines the history and development of insurance of war, terrorism and associated perils to the present day, including post 9/11 developments; (ii) has extensive legal discussion on the meaning of terms such as war, terrorism and related perils such as civil commotion, hostilities, riots, revolution, insurrection and so forth, as well as to other frequently arising legal issues in this field such as burden of proof and aggregation;  (iii) includes class specific discussions relating to the property, aviation and marine markets, focussing particulary on commonly appearing wordings; (iv) considers the role of state backed terror pools such as Pool Re, GAREAT, SASRIA, TRIA, Extremus and others; (v) discusses the adjustment and risk management issues. 

This 170-page book provides invaluable insight and guidance for all insurance practitioners, as well as a very informative read for anyone interested in headline news events.