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Legal guides

SECAs and SOx, What you need to know!

Andrew Preston and Cris Partridge have authored a Shiptalk Legal Guide entitled "SECAs and SOx, What you need to know!".

Published by Shiptalk Publishing, the guide is intended to inform ship's officers, crew, managers, superintendents, charterers, and insurers of the scope of the new sulphur fuel regulations (introduced through MARPOL Annex VI) and outlines what needs to be done to comply with those regulations.

Reviews of the Guide

"As ship's officers continue to wrestle with the confusion wrought by MARPOL 73/78 Annex VI, SECA's and SOx, clear information is at a premium. Thanks to the advice and guidance within this new Shiptalk "What You Need To Know" guide, the smog obscuring our understanding can begin to clear."
Steven Jones
Communications Manager
The Nautical Institute

"I fear there is a level of misunderstanding, or possibly lack of full understanding, of the requirements of the new Annex VI of MARPOL 73/78 in the minds of many people both ashore and onboard ship. In this excellent booklet produced by Clyde and Co. and Shiptalk the myths and mysteries are put aside in a concise and easy to follow explanation. I would strongly recommend this booklet to anyone who requires such an outline and basic understanding."
Dr Phil Anderson BA(Hons.), D.Prof., FNI, MEWI, ACIArb., AMAE, Master Mariner Managing Director – ConsultISM Ltd
Immediate Past President - The Nautical Institute

Marine Cargo Insurance

John Dunt has authored a Marine Cargo Insurance book - outlining the developments in the law for UK and foreign markets.

This new book offers the reader a single reference for all they need to know about Marine Cargo Insurance, providing detailed analysis on all the information surrounding the latest developments in the Institute Cargo Clauses that became effective as of January 2009.

It examines marine cargo insurance through reference to both English and foreign legal cases as well as the Marine Insurance Act 1906.