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Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility

As a major international law firm, Clyde & Co appreciates that there are a number of stakeholders in our business including the local communities in which we operate, the environment, our clients, our suppliers and our employees.

Hands on, together, around the world

At Clyde & Co we believe that corporate social responsibility is about managing and having a positive impact on these numerous stakeholders as well as acting in an ethical way.

The firm has a strong commitment to corporate social responsibility.  The Community Council, Environmental Committee and Community Investment Manager promote and manage our activities in these areas.

This Project aims to ease the transition from art school to the commercial art world – a stepping stone to a professional career. It provides students with an idea of what is it to be a practising artist outside of an art school and an opportunity to enter into dialogue with the corporate community and those that work within it.

The UK auction will take place from 27th November – 18th December 2013 - find out more here

Clyde & Community

Clyde & Community is the firm's pro bono and community investment programme.

The firm has a long tradition of pro bono and community activity and our approach is one of real and sustained support. As a global community, the firm is committed to working together in a coordinated way in order to have the greatest impact on the communities in which we live and work.

The firm’s strong focus on community involvement stems from a belief that not only should we be giving back something to the community, but also that there are many benefits to be gained from doing so for the individual, the firm and the profession.

Our stories

New Charity Partnership with SkillForce Winners - Community Art Awards 50 Pro Bono Hours

We are pleased to announce our partnership with SkillForce, following a staff vote. 

SkillForce works in partnership with schools, drawing upon the skills of ex-Forces personnel, to inspire young people to succeed. Since 2000, SkillForce has changed the lives of 50,000 young people in the UK, engaging the hard-to-reach, developing their skills, and preparing them for next steps in education, work or training.

Together, and through a number of initiatives, we will raise vital funds to support the development of new education and training programmes across the UK. The centrepiece fundraising event will take place in August this year when a 30-strong joint Clyde & Co / SkillForce team will trek to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.

"At SkillForce, we are delighted to be a charity partner for Clyde & Co. Our organisation inspires young people to succeed - and what could be more inspirational than climbing one of the world’s most iconic mountains! We can’t wait to share with Clyde's how our instructors, many of whom have a Forces background, engage hard-to-reach young people in the UK and prepare them for the next step in their lives". Peter Cross, CEO SkillForce

The Awards evening for the second year of the firm's Community Art Project was held in March. Molly-Clare O'Donnell from Central St Martin's won the £5,000 Community Art Award. Alison Griffin from Central St Martin's was the winner of the Staff Vote (£2,000 prize) and Conall McAteer, also from Central St Martin's, won the Blank Canvas commissioning competition and a £2,000 prize.    

"Thank you so much for such a lovely evening. It was a fantastic night and I feel so privileged to have been part of it - and overwhelmed to win a prize!" Alison Griffin

Aims: The aim is to support art students as they graduate from three leading art schools (Central St Martins, Chelsea and Wimbledon) and begin their professional arts practice.

Support: We also provide the students with financial and pro bono legal support for the year that their work is on display.  Many Clyde's staff have volunteered to act as mentors or to provide legal advice to the selected art students. 

Auction: The firm will facilitate the sale of the current works, on behalf of the students, by means of an auction to be held in June 2013.

Clyde & Co has a policy that up to 50 hours of firm-approved pro bono activities will be credited towards fee earners' billable targets.  These hours will be treated as chargeable work in this context.

This allowance  applies to all fee earners globally.

Outside the US, this is one of the highest pro bono allowances.