1. May 26 2015

    (Re)Insurance Weekly Update 18 - 2015

    Welcome to the eighteenth edition of Clyde & Co's (Re)insurance and litigation caselaw weekly updates for 2015

  2. May 25 2015

    Port State control in Australia - AMSA publishes new guidelines

    On four occasions over the past nine months the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) has exercised its powers under the Navigation Act 2012 (Act) to ban a foreign-flagged ship from using or entering an Australian port. AMSA…

  3. May 25 2015

    What “delay” counts towards cancellation?

    With tumbling oil prices and projects being mothballed or cancelled, knock-on effects are to be expected. Offshore contractors with vessels or rigs under construction in yards are less likely to be tolerant of construction delays…

  4. May 25 2015

    Insuring off-shore pipelines: What is ‘physical damage’?

    Policies such as an Offshore Package Policy typically will provide cover for “All risks of physical loss of or damage to” platforms and pipelines etc., but difficult questions can arise as to what exactly constitutes “damage”.

  5. May 25 2015

    The “Chem Orchid”: Is physical redelivery necessary to terminate a bareboat charter?

    The Singapore High Court, in the recent judgment of The “Chem Orchid” [2015] SGHC 50, considered the requirement of redelivery in the termination of a bareboat charter. This is important in the context of admiralty law, given…

  6. May 25 2015

    Kassiopi Maritime Co. Ltd. v Fal Shipping Co. Ltd [2015] EWHC 318 (Comm)

    The case highlights the importance of Owners/Sellers complying strictly with the terms of the charterparty/sale contract when submitting a claim for demurrage.

  7. May 25 2015

    Can a company be wound up in Hong Kong if the relevant contract contains an arbitration clause?

    Given the nature of their businesses, shipping companies may be involved as respondents in arbitration proceedings in different jurisdictions. As arbitrations tend to be lengthy procedures, a claimant to such proceedings may want…

  8. May 25 2015

    Ship arrest in China – Increased clarity from the Supreme People’s Court

    On 28 February 2015, the Supreme People’s Court of PRC published the Regulations on Certain Issues Concerning the Application of Law Relating to Arrest and Auction of Ships (The Regulations) which came into force on 1 March 2015.

  9. May 25 2015

    Piracy in Southeast Asia

    When we think of piracy, Somalia and the 2013 Hollywood movie Captain Phillips comes to mind. It’s the story about the hijacking of the Maersk Alabama in 2009 and the capture of its American Captain. What many fail to know is…

  10. May 21 2015

    Global Data & Privacy Update - 21 May 2015

    Clyde & Co's Data and Privacy Weekly Update

  11. May 19 2015

    Intellectual Property Newsletter

    This month’s market updates section leads with the news that the UAE Ministry of Economy has announced a substantial increase in official fees for the registration of intellectual property rights at the Trade Mark, Patent and…

  12. May 19 2015

    (Re)Insurance Weekly Update 17 - 2015

    Welcome to the seventeenth edition of Clyde & Co's (Re)insurance and litigation caselaw weekly updates for 2015