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Entering new insurance markets

The map of the insurance world is changing rapidly, with re/insurance businesses looking further afield for opportunities – whether that means investing in emerging markets, or looking for new opportunities in the mature economies. However, one thing is crystal clear: insurers are operating in a complex environment. As they look to expand their businesses, they are encountering a range of challenges – legal, regulatory and commercial – which require local knowledge and industry expertise in order to navigate safely through uncharted waters.

As a result, we have compiled a brief introduction– outlining the essential information around regulatory authorisation, capital requirements and the ability to do business – for the markets listed below.

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Asia Europe
China Gibraltar
Hong Kong Lloyd's
India London Market
Singapore Malta
Vietnam Switzerland


Latin America Middle East
Brazil                                        Bahrain
  Dubai international Financial Centre
  Qatar Financial Centre
  Saudi Arabia
  United Arab Emirates


North America Russia
Bermuda Russia