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Nick Greensmith

Partner, Guildford

Recent experience

  • The owners of ""Visahakit I"" v. the owners of ""TOLUCA"" (Court of Appeal)
    1984 2 LLR 131: Collision in Bangkok Channel- crossing vessels- liability – interaction
  • Selco Salvage Ltd v. The owners of the ship ""M VATAN"" (Admiralty Court)
    1990 1LLR 336: Salvage award- pro rata rule- exceptions
  • The ""DA YE"" (Admiralty Court) 1993 1LLR30: Collison in approaches to Port Said- passing vessels- apportionment of blame
  • The ""BOTANY TRIAD"" and ""LU SHAN"" (Admiralty Court) 1993 2LLR 257
    Collision- Admiralty practice- set off- interest claims – date for striking balance
  • Ultisol Transport Contractors Ltd v. Bouygues Offshore SA & Others (Admiralty Court) 1996 2llR 140: Towage Contract- jurisdiction clause- construction- anti suit injunction
  • Bouygues Offshore SA v. Caspian Shipping Co & Others (Court of Appeal)
    1998 2LLR 461: Towage contract- jurisdiction clause- Himalaya clause- construction- stay of proceedings- discharge of anti-suit injunction- misrepresentation- limitation of liability
  • Environment Agency v. Milford Haven Port Authority and Andrews (Cardiff Crown Court) 1999 1 LLR 673 and Court of Appeal (Criminal Division) March 2000: Pilotage- negligent navigation- oil pollution- assessment of penalty