July 12, 2018

The UK Brexit white paper

The UK Government has now committed its vision of a "principled and practical Brexit" to paper. It is the clearest statement of intent yet from the UK on a wide range of sectors and areas of policy.

 The selective approach, to, for example ongoing participating in Erasmus and the European Aviation Safety Agency means that it remains to be seen of course whether the EU see this as "cherry picking", and so whether the proposal will be acceptable in whole or part to the EU.

The White Paper sets out the existing EU institutions which the UK would like to retain access to. The UK proposes to develop its own trade and government procurement policy, whilst maintaining the current EU state aid regime albeit enforced by the Competition and Markets Authority.

The proposed Overarching Institutional Framework sets out the UK's views on how the agreement with the EU would work in practice; reflecting perhaps a more Anglo-Saxon approach to decision making and governance than the EU rules based system.

You can read the full white paper here.