November 22, 2016

Renewable energy: Investing in Africa

As demand for reliable, cost-effective and accessible sources of energy grows across Africa, the appetite for investment in renewable energy projects continues. Significant infrastructure is required in order to effectively harness and distribute energy to the end user which brings with it a myriad of legal complications at a local and international scale. It is vital that stakeholders are alive to the risks and opportunities associated with investing in this fast paced industry.

As part of our 'Renewables Roadshow' series of events, we have developed in-depth profiles of the energy sector of countries based in Southern and East Africa. Please click on the green button below to download an infographic detailing key stats by country and simply select the country you are interested in reading more about.

Alternatively, you can access each country profile directly below:

Botswana Rwanda
Burundi South Africa
Ethiopia South Sudan
Kenya Tanzania
Malawi Uganda
Mozambique Zambia
Namibia Zimbabwe