February 10, 2017

UK-China Hub for Offshore Wind – A further foray into exciting new frontiers

The Hub, which is supported by the Department for International Trade and RenewableUK, aims to offer a "flexible, dynamic, low risk, cost-effective and professional means for the UK players to create business opportunities in China", by promoting "bilateral trade and … greater understanding of the UK expertise". 

Bearing in mind China's target of installing 5GW of offshore wind by 2020 (up from 1.9GW of installed capacity at the end of 2016), the introduction of the Hub is a welcome development for UK and other European offshore wind contractors and equipment and service providers. 

The Hub's three-tier service level should, it is hoped, offer a range of options to businesses, allowing them to create a "virtual presence" in China, and/or in-territory business support and/or business development opportunities. 

Following this announcement, Michael Cripps, of Clyde & Co's Shanghai Office, commented that:

"There is certainly increasing interest from western companies in offshore wind opportunities in China.  This initiative reflects that, and will be a helpful resource for businesses considering such opportunities, as a starting point at least."

Should you have any queries regarding this announcement, or should you wish to discuss the ways in which we might assist you in the offshore wind sector, please do not hesitate to contact us.