March 7, 2019

What should you be doing on workplace culture, pay and diversity?

Many businesses have developed highly publicised diversity programmes to tackle the gender pay gap. But we think that if employers embrace a wider focus, looking at workplace culture, pay and diversity, they will reap the dividends. #fairpay #goodculture

We can assist with your overall strategy, as well as across four key areas, to improve the culture and diversity in your business:

1. Auditing your gender pay gap and reviewing your gender diversity programmes

2. Reviewing your pay and reward structures and producing a bespoke equal pay audit

3. Reviewing your diversity initiatives and auditing your ethnicity pay, or other diversity pay  

4. Giving you a snapshot of where you are and areas to focus on through our 'Equality and Diversity Reporting'  


Read more about how we can assist you to achieve fairness in pay by improving culture and diversity in your business - by downloading the PDF below.