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International Trade & Commodities Newsletter: Spring 2019

  • 22 March 2019 22 March 2019
  • Global

  • Trade & Commodities

Since our last edition of In-Short, geopolitics have continued to generate uncertainty in the commodities markets: important differences between China and the USA in relation to trade remain unresolved, the BREXIT process is mired in parliamentary deadlock and uncertainty of outcome is now acute and, in the meantime, Norway has announced potentially far reaching changes to the investment strategy for its sovereign wealth fund in relation to oil & gas assets.

To view the full newsletter, download the pdf or follow the individual links below.

Block-buster: how TradeTech could change the world

The possibilities opened up by technologies such as blockchain could revolutionise international trade; but there are legal challenges that remain to be confronted. Read more

How will the commodities industry react to geopolitical tensions and technological innovations?

The commodities industry faces a difficult year ahead with an ever changing political landscape, a US - China trade war and the introduction of innovative technology: this will present new challenges, but also opportunities, for traders. Read more

The industry must make the case for supply chain insurance

Businesses can suffer huge losses as result of supply chain disruption – the insurance industry should do more to improve resilience. Read more


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