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ASHE (2000) 6115 2019: The rising cost of care…

  • 31 October 2019 31 October 2019
  • UK & Europe

  • Insurance & Reinsurance

The 2019 data for the equivalent ASHE (SOC 2000) 6115, wages of care workers, home carers and senior care workers has been published together with the revised 2018 data.

ASHE (2000) 6115 2019: The rising cost of care…

The data for ASHE (SOC 2000) 6115 can be found on the Office of National Statistics website here. The ONS also provide a general Statistical Bulletin overview of all data collated in the survey.

ASHE 6115

The statistics show carers wages continue to rise, and the pace has picked up again in comparison to the two previous years.  

There has been an increase in the average (mean) of ASHE 6115 of 4.2%, and an increase in the median of 3.8%. This is the greatest mean increase seen since 2016 and the second mean biggest increase in the last decade.

By comparison, there has been an increase in the average (mean) for all full time employees of 3.2%, meaning that carers' wages are rising ahead of the average. 

Carers' wages are, however, increasing at a lower rate than the National Living Wage, which applies to employees aged 25 years and over, which increased by 4.4% to £7.83 on 1 April 2018 and by 4.85% to £8.21 on 1 April 2019.

Carers' earnings continue to increase above the rate of inflation: the retail prices index increased by 3.1% and the consumer prices index by 2.1% in the year to April 2019. 

Application to ASHE Linked PPOs

For the percentiles most frequently encountered by Insurers in periodical payment orders to which they are a party, the new figures are as follows:-

  2018 Provisional 2018 Revised 2019 Provisional

Percentage Change

2018 Revised to  2019 Provisional

90th centile £13.35 £13.35 £13.84 ↑3.67%
80th centile £11.47 £11.46 £11.86 ↑3.49%
75th centile £10.82 £10.81   £11.25   ↑4.07%

Should you require any further information, or assistance in calculating the periodical payments on, please do not hesitate to contact Kate Mikolajewski or Jodie McAuley.


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