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Projects & construction predictions 2020

  • Market Insight 17 December 2019 17 December 2019
  • Infrastructure

We will be publishing industry predictions looking ahead to 2020 from our global Projects & Construction practice throughout this week.

Projects & construction predictions 2020

22 December

  • Ben Cowling and Geoff White predict that the Saudi Government's new Government Tenders & Procurement Law will create a favourable market for construction projects in 2020. Read their full prediction here

20 December 

  • Jon Howes predicts that the continued development of the middle class in South East Asia will encourage infrastructure investment in the region. Read his full prediction here

19 December

  • Stephen Jurgenson predicts that the drop in the LNG price will continue the trend of LNG import projects being announced and developed. Read his full prediction here
  • Chris Leadbetter predicts that 2020 will see more torts in courts for construction cases. Read his full prediction here

18 December

  • Liz Jenkins predicts that the pressure will grow on the UK Government to find a successor to PFI and PF2 successor in 2020. Read her full prediction here
  • Alon Meyerov predicts that South Africa's Integrated Resource Plan will prompt energy sector reform in the country. Read his full prediction here.

17 December

  • David Hansom predicts that procurement will be top of the agenda as infrastructure investment becomes a political priority. Read his full prediction here
  • Mary Anne Roff predicts that 2020 will be the year that the construction industry takes action on climate change. Read her full prediction here.


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