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COVID-19 Construction: Guide to APAC Laws & Developments

  • Market Insight 19 November 2020 19 November 2020
  • Asia Pacific

  • Coronavirus

COVID-19 Construction: Guide to APAC Laws & Developments

COVID-19 has had an unprecedented impact on all of us in the construction industry as we adapt to the rapidly changing situation and deal with the substantial impact on our businesses. This guide contains a summary of the latest legal updates affecting the construction industry and which were introduced as a result of COVID-19 in selected APAC jurisdictions. In particular, you will find a quick summary of the key recent laws, regulations and other directives introduced relating to:

  • Construction project/ site-related issues;
  • Construction supply-related issues;
  • Operations in the local courts, arbitration centres and other dispute resolution institutions; and
  • Any other key changes in the local legislation or COVID-19 related measures that may affect construction operations.

The sources used to prepare this guide are numerous and varied, and are identified for reference purposes. We understand the contents of this update to be accurate at the date of issuance of this guide. The publication of this guide is in collaboration with Shaikh David & Co (on the section relating to Malaysia) and with Anggraeni and Partners (on the section relating to Indonesia).

We are endeavouring to stay abreast of all such developments and will regularly circulate updates on matters that may affect your business. Our update is set out in a tabled guide, which can be accessed by clicking the 'download guide' button below.

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If you have a question about any of the content, please contact or your usual Clyde & Co contact.  

Last updated on 18 November 2020


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