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Portal figures for June indicate claims numbers far from a full recovery

  • Market Insight 28 July 2020 28 July 2020
  • UK & Europe

  • Insurance & Reinsurance

The Portal Company has released the personal injury claims data from the Claims Portal for June this year.

Portal figures for June indicate claims numbers far from a full recovery

As we anticipated after seeing last month's statistics, the number of new claim notification forms (CNFs) issued in the Portal is beginning to rise as the most restrictive lockdown measures were eased, but remain considerably lower compared to the same period last year.

Here are the figures of newly issued CNFs in comparison to last month and to the previous year:

  CNFs June 2020 CNFs May 2020 Increase on May 2020 (%)
RTA 31,196 23,081 +35%
EL 1,976 1,650 +20%
PL 2,713 2,284 +19%


  CNFs June 2020 CNFs June 2019 Decrease on June 2019 (%)
RTA 31,196 53,653 -42%
EL 1,976 3,444 -43%
PL 2,713 4,188 -35%


As can be seen from the graphs below, the number of CNFs issued in June increased compared to the previous two months:

The months of April, May and June were those most directly impacted by the lockdown and social distancing measures. We are now in a position to make a comparison between this period and previous years:

  2020 2019 2018
RTA 78,852 166,276 168,660
Change from year before (%) -52.6% -1.4% -4.8%
EL 5,833 10,944 11,543
Change from year before (%) -46.7% -5.2% 1.1%
PL 7,854 12,963 14.144
Change from year before (%) -39.5% -8.4% -0.2%


What can we expect to see in the coming months:

  • As a general trend we expect to see the number of registered claims continue to rise in July compared to June but not to the extent of previous years.
  • The number of commuters travelling by roads will continue to be below ‘normal levels’ with many workers still working from home, but there may be an increased number of holiday makers and day trippers in the UK, particularly with quarantine measures being reimposed for Spain, and possible other European countries. This may mean that UK roads become more populated than usual. This could prompt an increase in incidents giving rise to claims in the coming months.
  • Further lockdown measures are likely to be localised to at-risk areas, rather than apply nationwide. Therefore, we are unlikely to see similar significant decreases in the number of claims as seen in April and May.



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