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On-demand webinar: Mitigating the workplace risks of a second wave

  • Webinar 31 July 2020 31 July 2020
  • Employment, Pensions & Immigration

As COVID-19 lockdown restrictions continue to be relaxed by the Government, more businesses are opening their doors to both employees and customers.

On-demand webinar: Mitigating the workplace risks of a second wave

Some health professionals warn of a potential spike in infections and we are already seeing localised tightening of lockdown restrictions in certain parts of the UK. If there is a "second wave", what can we expect? How can businesses prepare, remain agile and mitigate their risks?

In our webinar, we talk through potential scenarios from an employment and health & safety perspective and provide guidance to help businesses navigate the various risks and issues.


  • Current government guidance

  • What can we expect if infection rates spike?

  • Health and Safety issues

    • Efficacy of Government Guidance and Economic Costs

    • Balancing the seriousness of COVID-19 risk against the cost of sacrifice

    • Viability and reasonable practicability

    • Route to compliance

    • Recording of key decisions

  • Employment issues including

    • Flexibility in contracts and policies

    • Looking after mental health

    • Preparing strategies to deal with vulnerable employees and staff with childcare issues

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