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Asbestos Contamination In Talc-Based Cosmetics: An Invisible Cancer Risk

  • Market Insight 07 January 2021 07 January 2021
  • Americas

The long-running use of talc in cosmetics, coupled with the asbestos contamination found in talc mined in the US, has led to a risk of developing cancer stemming from the carcinogens found in asbestos. A recent study on over twenty makeup products sourced from different US stores found that three of the items were positive for tremolite asbestos and 14% had asbestos. The results were determined by applying the Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) procedure, set forth by the US EPA. A variety of makeup products were tested, including eye shadow palettes, blush and face powder, along with toy makeup kits. The lack of standardized regulation and testing of makeup in regards to talc in cosmetics emphasizes the need for industry-wide regulation, based on the findings of the amounts and types of talc found in the sample set.

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