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What Biden's presidency means for the infrastructure sector

  • Podcast 01 February 2021 01 February 2021
  • Americas

  • Infrastructure

This update forms part of the Year in Review 2020 series. As the United States welcomes its new president, there are questions around what this means for infrastructure plans for the country.

Within Biden's plan, he proposes to "Build Back Better" and identifies an expansive slate of new programs aimed at making "far reaching investments" in infrastructure, as well as many other sectors such as housing, innovation, and environmental justice. 

In this podcast, Senior Counsel Dan Lever at Clyde & Co is joined by Jonathan Haag, Vice-President at Lighthouse Consulting Group, LLC where they explore Joe Biden’s new infrastructure plan as the new president of the United States and what this may mean for the infrastructure sector.

This podcast forms part of our Projects & Construction Year in Review 2020 commentary.

To hear more, visit our Year in Review hub here.


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