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Webinar - Middle East M&A: The impact of new tax rules on M&A deals

  • Webinar 31 March 2021 31 March 2021
  • Middle East

  • Corporate

Tax is increasingly becoming an important aspect when evaluating M&A transactions in the Middle East. Recent changes in the Saudi and UAE tax environment, including Saudi Arabia's recent VAT increase, look set to continue this trend with potentially new issues and risks to manage on both the buy and sell side.

In this webinar, our corporate experts, in partnership with Aurifer, explore the impact of the new tax rules on M&A deals in the Middle East. Focusing on the UAE and Saudi Arabia, they share key insights on the legal and tax issues to consider when conducting due diligence, the relevant taxes to know in Saudi Arabia, current market trends and a comparison between the tax treatment of an asset deal and a share deal.


- Philip O'Riordan, Partner, Clyde & Co
- Rizwan Osman, Legal Director, Clyde & Co
- Thomas Vanhee, Partner, Aurifer
- Nils Vanhassel, Counsel, Aurifer



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