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LA Jury Hits Talc Supplier With $4.8 Million Asbestos Verdict

  • Legal Development 25 May 2021 25 May 2021
  • Americas

Whittaker Clark & Daniels was recently ordered by a jury to pay $4.8 million in connection to the plaintiff’s mesothelioma diagnosis, which was linked to his daily use of Old Spice Talcum Powder. The company was a talc supplier to Old Spice, and trial testimony concluded the Whittaker’s talc mine in North Carolina has been proven to be contaminated with asbestos.

Counsel for the plaintiff alleged Whittaker was aware of asbestos contamination in its talc supply, and led to his cancer of the lungs, which is caused by asbestos exposure. The California jury agreed, indicating the company shared a 42% responsibility for the development of his illness.

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To read the Verdict, please click here.


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