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The Impact of E-Cigarette Vaping and Vapor Constituents on Bone Health

  • Market Insight 01 June 2021 01 June 2021
  • Americas

The increasing use of e-cigarettes as an alternative to smoking lends itself to the need for studies conducted both in vivo and in vitro to account for changes in chemical composition of e-cigarette liquids upon vaping. Medical studies have found evidence that the exposure of both osteoblasts and osteoclasts to nicotine in human bone and bone cells, can impair visiblity. The bones and bones tissues of c-cigarettes users in particular are exposed to high doses of nicotine, in addition to other compounds including flavoring chemicals, metal particulates and carbonyl compounds.

Currently there is a lack of studies regarding the impact of E-cigarette usage on bone physiology, particularly over extended time periods, and there has been no correlation found between usage of e-cigarettes and the need for orthopedic surgery as of yet. The medical report used previously collected data from case studies that observed the effects of e-cigarettes on bones, including the methodologies used and the relevant mechanistic and functional results.

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