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Arbitration Tea Time with Francesca Mazza

  • Webinar 20 August 2021 20 August 2021
  • International Arbitration

As part of our Arbitration Tea Time series, Francesca Mazza (Secretary General of German Arbitration Institute, DIS) was interviewed by Georg Scherpf (Clyde & Co, Germany) and Anna Falk (Clyde & Co, Germany).

The interview covered the current challenges to institutional arbitration, joinder and intervention, gender diversity as well as Francesca’s path to arbitration. A recording of Arbitration Tea Time with Francesca Mazza can be found below. 

The DIS is a leading institution for the resolution of commercial disputes, administering hundreds of arbitration and ADR proceedings. Offering the complete set of conflict management, ADR, sports and commercial arbitration, tailored to the needs of the business community, the DIS is one of the most diversified dispute resolution providers in the world.

Should you have any questions, please contact

Georg Scherpf, Clyde & Co, Germany - +49 40 8090 30250 

Details of the international arbitration team in Germany can be found here Arbitration Germany.  

Topics and Timings:

Introduction [0:00 – 02:32]

I. Warm-Up Questions [02:33]

II. Background [07:28]

III. Diversity / Gender Pledge [14:27]

IV. The bigger picture – Legitimacy, Transparency [27:44]

V. The Conduct of the Arbitration [48:37]

1. Expediated Proceedings (Annex 4) 

2. Emergency Arbitrator

3. Efficient Proceedings (Annex 3)

4. Third Parties in Arbitration

5. Praxis-Labor

VI. Complete the Sentence [1:24:27]



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