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Contracts for Climate Change

  • Market Insight 02 July 2021 02 July 2021
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This year, Clyde & Co ran its Contracts for Climate Change Campaign with the aim of raising awareness of climate-conscious contractual drafting among our clients.

Contracts for Climate Change

Launching in February, over the course of four months, our team published weekly blog posts highlighting climate-conscious contractual clauses that we believe can be pivotal in helping our clients achieve their Net Zero goals.

The posts spanned sectors and types of law, from supply contacts, insurance, employment, construction, arbitration and many more. We are immensely proud to have seen the Contracts for Climate Change Campaign spark interest in many of our clients and partner organisations, for example, The Klein-Klein of Climate Change Contracts webinar held as a part of the Hamburg International Arbitration Days, as well as the Climate change and commercial risks webinar Partner Richard Power took part in in the course of the 2021 London International Disputes Week. 

We remain committed to using our legal expertise to assist our clients in advancing their decarbonisation goals.

All the posts published in the campaign together with the contact details for the relevant Clyde & Co partners and lawyers can be found on these links:

We continue to expand our expertise and practice in climate change contracts and will soon be back with more engaging content. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you would like to discuss how to incorporate climate-conscious clauses into your existing contracts.


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