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L&E Global: Cross-Border Remote Work FAQs

  • 12 July 2021 12 July 2021
  • Global

  • Coronavirus

Together with L&E Global and other member firms, we have developed an international publication covering the labour issues that have arisen around remote working in foreign countries during the coronavirus pandemic.

L&E Global: Cross-Border Remote Work FAQs

These insightful guides (and dedicated microsite) focus on one of the most important trends reshaping the workplace in the 21st Century – foreign nationals working remotely for a foreign employer in a host country. Specifically, with regards to:

  • work authorisation and visa requirements

  • local social security and other payroll obligations

  • the circumstances when local employment law could apply to the remote worker

  • any specific rules that govern remote working

  • when the employee will be subject to local income tax, and

  • permanent establishment risks for the foreign company by virtue of remote worker’s activities, among other issues.

The Cross-Border Remote Work FAQs are an example of our continued commitment to providing clients with insightful and resourceful information to assist with all of your employment law needs.

Download the UK guide here


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