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Fiber Burden and Asbestos-Related Diseases: An Umbrella Review

  • Market Insight 24 August 2021 24 August 2021
  • Americas

An overarching review of English-language reviews and meta-analyses, from 1980 to March 2021 was done to determine the correlation between varying levels of asbestos exposure and the corresponding medical issues caused. The study utilized 196 reviews including quantified asbestos exposures and health outcomes, and 10 reviews were ultimately chosen for further analysis.

Exposure to asbestos amphiboles was the greatest risk for lung cancer patients, in addition it was found that longer, thinner asbestos fibers greater than 10 μm in length were most likely to cause lung cancer. There was no evidence found that asbestos exposure levels less than 0.1 caused an increased risk for lung cancer.

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