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A Climate for Change | Why is Climate Change a boardroom issue?

  • Podcast 07 October 2021 07 October 2021
  • UK & Europe

  • Climate Change

In this episode, Jane O’Reilly is joined by Clyde & Co partner Laura Cooke and Chair of the Chapter Zero Board Julie Baddeley to discuss the climate change challenges and changes facing boardrooms.

The team discuss why climate change is a boardroom issue and how boardrooms are adapting to the challenges they now face as part of the green transition. Jane, Laura and Julie discuss the risks being faced by businesses as a result of climate change; the introduction of reporting frameworks and, in particular, the TCFD framework; shareholder activism and how directors are balancing the requirements to provide returns and the need to act responsibly; the types of claims that companies will face if they fail to address climate risk; and how they think we might get to work in 2050!

This episode was produced by Annie Wood, Alisha Kumar, and Jane O’Reilly.


Additional authors:

Annie Wood and Alisha Kumar

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