Year in Review 2021 - The Global Energy Transition – Impacts, Opportunities & Headwinds for the Major Projects Sector

  • Podcast 17 February 2022 17 February 2022
  • Global

  • Projects & Construction

Important political and business drivers combined with the urgent need to cut greenhouse gas emissions are resulting in a strong global appetite for renewable energy sources, including hydrogen, offshore wind, and waste-to-energy projects. There are however numerous challenges facing governments, developers and contractors across the world, from technical and economic restrictions in repurposing energy pipelines and infrastructure to an increase in renewable energy disputes relating to issues of waste quality, efficiency, delays and terminations.

In this podcast, Partner Glen Warwick, interviews fellow Partners Mary Anne Roff in the UK and Damian Watkin in Abu Dhabi, alongside Legal Director Kate Lister in the UK, about the current status of the global energy transition and its impacts on the major projects sector worldwide, including the sector’s various opportunities and principal challenges.


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