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Insurance 2021 - the year ahead

Clyde & Co insurance specialists look at the trends and issues likely to impact the insurance industry, its key players, risk classes, customers and markets in 2021.


As many of the world’s politicians and pundits have discovered, making predictions can be a risky business. With such an abundance of uncertainties and unknowns thwarting the efforts of businesses and governments to make long-term plans, a willingness to ‘stick one’s neck out’ this year may be in short supply. But the team at Clyde & Co have attempted to do just that. Our experts from around the world have pooled their collective insight to throw light on what 2021 has in store for the insurance sector.


  1. Climate change: Re/insurers around the world will make plans to improve climate governance and risk management
  2. Cyber/digital: 2021 will see an increase in the frequency and severity of cyber incidents
  3. Post-pandemic risk: COVID-19 will fundamentally change the risk landscape
  4. Insurance line specific: 2021 will see an increase in D&O claims, and insurance M&A activity will bounce back in a number of regions

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Key themes

Climate change

Climate change



Post-pandemic risk

Post-pandemic risk

Insurance line specific

Insurance line specific

Introducing 'Insurance 2021 – the year ahead'

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Key Contact

James Cooper


James is the chair of the Global Insurance Practice Group and head of the Financial Institutions and D&O team 

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