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On-Demand Webinar - The data and technology solutions to climate risk

  • Webinar 10 décembre 2020 10 décembre 2020
  • Royaume-Uni & Europe

  • Projets et construction

Digital transformation in the construction sector is accelerating. Companies across the industry are investing in innovative technological, data driven solutions to achieve increased efficiencies and improve resilience. Embracing digital solutions will be vital in order to meet the challenges of delivering 2050 net-zero targets.

On-Demand Webinar - The data and technology solutions to climate risk

In this on-demand webinar, our panel experts discuss the use of technology and data in enabling businesses to tackle climate related risks.

With a particular focus on the construction sector, our panel discuss the following:

  • How new technologies and data will be an essential part of businesses' toolkit to tackle and minimise the impact of climate risks
  • The regulatory and legal hurdles of sharing data 
  • How businesses can ensure they are using data effectively and legally 
  • The increasing demand for smart contracting solutions in the construction industry  

We were delighted to be joined by Chief Scientist, Dr Fakhar Khalid, from Sensat, a leading UK based geospatial technology start-up, to provide their unique perspective on these issues.

This webinar is tailored for C-Suite / Board members, in-house counsel, contract managers and commercial managers in the projects and construction sector interested in learning more about these issues.

Click here to view the webinar


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