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How the digitalisation of the construction process will impact upon infrastructure projects

  • Podcast 1 février 2021 1 février 2021
  • Royaume-Uni & Europe

  • Infrastructure

This update forms part of the Year in Review 2020 series. The digitalisation of the construction process is a growing trend in Spain. It involves the incorporation of digital tools and applications into every stage of the construction process.

This ditigalisation exists from the business development, the design, the execution phase to the later operation and maintenance stages. Such digitalisation will inevitably impact upon the way Spanish construction companies carry out their business functions. 

In this podcast, Socio Luis García and Associate Marina Arancón discuss the incorporation of these innovative tools on construction projects and their legal impact on the ways construction companies do business.

This podcast forms part of our Projects & Construction Year in Review 2020 commentary.

To hear more, visit our Year in Review hub here.


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