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Aviation Newsletter - Winter 2021

  • Market Insight 10 mars 2021 10 mars 2021
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  • Aviation

Aviation Newsletter - Winter 2021

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  • Handling Air Pharma
  • Considerations for both the carrier and their insurers when transporting the COVID-19 vaccine
  • English Law and Jurisdictions Clauses in Aircraft Finance Agreements
  • EU Regulation 261/2004 and the validity of exclusive jurisdiction clauses
  • A well-stocked arsenal - highlighting the weapons at the disposal of airlines and insurers in defending personal injury claims
  • The Implications of COVID-19 on U.S. Civil Jury Trials
  • It's a Dog's Life: a brief overview of the Treatment of Emotional Support Animals
  • Does this spark joy – a case for decluttering and tidying orbital space junk
  • Common law duty of Care - public airport authority liable for third party activities
  • The State of Qatar's accession to the Cape Town Convention – summary of declarations
  • Covid-19 - Emerging trends in aviation claims: the new 'normal'?
  • Aviation litigation in Venezuela
  • The ongoing impact of Covid-19 on airport slot rules
  • Brexit – will the flying public notice any meaningful difference?
  • German State aid package for Lufthansa Group – Views and prospects


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