November 1, 2017

Hong Kong Construction Newsletter - November 2017

Welcome to the November 2017 edition of Clyde & Co’s Construction Newsletter. We hope you find this month’s newsletter an informative and useful read. Should you have feedback or suggestions for future topics, please contact us. Similarly, to hear more from our global projects & construction group, email us providing your area(s) and region(s) of interest.

Updates and insights

  • Third Party Funding ("TPF") is finally coming to Asia

A summary of Hong Kong's new TPF law in the context of arbitration and mediation, covering its current status, transition and key commercial considerations.

  • From NEC3 to NEC4: ‘Evolution not Revolution'?

An update on the launch of NEC4 suits of contracts and its important changes.

  • Case law update on concurrent delay exclusions

An update on a recent English decision which provides guidance on concurrent delay exclusions and prevention principle in construction contracts.

  • Liquidated Damages (“LD”): recent legal developments

A summary of recent developments in the penalty law governing liquidated damages provisions in Hong Kong after the UK Supreme Court’s new rule on penalties in ParkingEye and Cavendish [2015].

  • Practical tips on handling industrial summonses

The happening of industrial accidents often leads to industrial summonses by the Labour  Department. We provide a guideline on how to handle those claims.

  • Mediation - An introduction

Mediation is becoming increasingly popular among parties as a method of dispute resolution, especially in the construction industry when it is often the pre-condition before arbitration.