October 14, 2014

International Arbitration 1/3LY - the 3rd annual Hong Kong Arbitration Week

It gives us great pleasure to present the second issue of Clyde & Co’s International Arbitration 1/3LY. The launch of this issue coincides with the 3rd annual Hong Kong Arbitration Week, an event at which we look forward to learning, celebrating and networking with the world’s arbitration elite in one of the most vibrant and long-established centres for global trade and commerce.

Hong Kong has emerged in recent years as a dynamic hub for international dispute resolution. We chart its development and unique selling points as an arbitral centre in a conversation with the Secretary General of the HKIAC, Chiann Bao. Chiann talks us through the HKIAC’s user-orientated reforms and new rules, contributing to our continuing exploration of international arbitration as a constantly developing specialism.

Contributions to this issue cover developments from a variety of regions and it’s clear that the pace of change varies significantly across jurisdictions and institutions. In London, a new set of LCIA Arbitration rules, the first for over 15 years, come into effect on 1 October 2014. While in the UAE, the new federal arbitration law continues its difficult birth – a labour that began eight years ago in 2006.

Following Ben Knowles’ meeting with the outgoing LCIA Director General, Adrian Winstanley in the last issue, we feature an in-depth discussion with his successor, Jackie van Haersolte. Jackie tells us about her ambitions for the institution, as well as sharing some more personal insights into the arbitration world.

In a discussion with Susie Abdel-Nabi, I also share some of my experiences of arbitration, both as counsel and as an arbitrator. I make some recommendations, of relevance to both parties and counsel, relating to how arbitrations are run; and share my predictions for the future of international arbitration. As the discipline continues to grow, I think we will see an increase in the number of regional centres and in the number of arbitrations conducted under their auspices.

On behalf of Clyde & Co, I would like to express my warm appreciation to Chiann Bao and Jackie van Haersolte for giving us and our readers the benefit of their expert knowledge and experience. I would also like to thank all my colleagues in the firm’s global arbitration group for the interviews and articles.


Alec Emmerson, Consultant, Clyde & Co