April 11, 2017

International Trade & Commodities Newsletter: In-Short v7

2017 is predicted to see a modest recovery for most commodities, as demand strengthens and supplies tighten. Yet sudden policy shifts, changing sanctions regimes and rapidly evolving technology advancements are presenting new challenges and opportunities for traders.

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The Iran Deal: One year on

It has been a year since the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPoA) was implemented and already the world looks very different to the one in which the deal was agreed. We look back at progress made, tribulations suffered and what businesses need to think about now in order to take advantage of future opportunities. Read More.

The Last Contango?

When OPEC signed their historic deal to cut member production the oil industry celebrated. Two months on and the market is beginning to question how successful teh OPEC play has been. We look at what in-house counsel can do to prepare for what could be a 12 month rollercoaster ride. Read More.

The rise of new energy products

As countries try and reduce their dependence on fossil fuel and the limitations of grid based power, the drive for renewable energy has spawned a brave new world of innovative energy products. We describe the rise of new energy products. Read More.

Trade and investment liberalisation in the Asia Pacific

With the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) coming to a dramatic end, regional and bilateral agreements will be the focus in teh Asia Pacific. We consider recent developments and future prospects for liberalisation of trade and investment across teh Asia Pacific. Read More. 

Stamping out risk: contracting for the sale of goods with an Indian counterparty

Commodity trading has been one of the most significant contributors to the Indian economy. As investment in the continent rises there are specific risks which traders need to be aware of. We explain the nuances of stamp duty. Read More.