September 13, 2017

Litigating the Aviation Case, Fourth Edition

The American Bar Association recently published the Fourth Edition of Litigating the Aviation Case. This publication was edited and contributed to by multiple Clyde & Co aviation attorneys.

The American Bar Association (ABA) recently published the Fourth Edition of Litigating the Aviation Case. Andrew Harakas is the General Editor and contributed a Chapter on the Montreal Convention.  Also contributing Chapters were Chris Carlsen (Liability for Parental Abductions), Deborah Elsasser (Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act), Jeff Ellis (Preemption of State and Local Aviation Law), Tom Thornton (Forum Non Conveniens), Dan Correll (US Sanctions Law) and Philip Weisman (Exclusivity of the Montreal Convention).   This 38-chapter treatise provides an overview of current issues in aviation litigation, including insight into several developments in the field since publication of the Third Edition eight years ago.  The Third Edition was also edited by Andrew and contains chapters authored by many members of the US Aviation Group.

Aviation law is a constantly evolving area of practice, continuing to change in response to the many challenges facing the industry as a whole. For the practitioner, litigation of these cases is notoriously complex and challenging, requiring extensive expertise with aviation and engineering principles coupled with detailed legal analysis. A long-trusted resource, Litigating the Aviation Case provides current information and strategic guidance on all aspects of aviation litigation.

An overview and analysis of the current legal issues in aviation litigation by the most prominent names in the aviation legal community, this new edition offers important updates and insights on traditional issues as well as in-depth discussion of the new issues that have arisen recently, many of which are in response to the multijurisdictional nature of aviation. The book’s authors examine new legal issues as well as twists on traditional litigation matters, including:

  • Jurisdiction
  • Forum non conveniens
  • Preemption
  • The Montreal Convention
  • Unruly passengers
  • Preservation of evidence
  • Insurance coverage
  • Damages
  • The impact of trade sanctions and Medicare on litigation, and more

This compendium also offers strategic guidance on the full array of aviation litigation issues, including:

  • Locating recognized sub-specialists
  • Maximizing the effectiveness of evidence
  • Presenting effective opening and closing statements
  • Cross-examining witnesses
  • Developing winning trial strategies

Litigating the Aviation Case provides a solid base of knowledge for the aviation novice as well as the seasoned practitioner with updates on existing issues and identification of the new issues facing the aviation litigator to ensure effective advocacy.