Wellbeing matters

We are building a diverse and inclusive working environment where we support our people to flourish, to find a balance between their personal and professional lives, and to manage their everyday challenges.

The well-being of our people and our corporate responsibility towards them really matters to us.


Integral to this is fostering a culture where mental and physical health can be openly discussed and where our people are provided with support and guidance to manage their wellbeing.

On a global level we are providing more information, resources and guidance on our internal communication channels, and many of our offices have programmes and activities to support our people’s wellbeing. We will track and monitor the effectiveness of our initiatives to help us with developing our strategy in this important area further.

Support and awareness in the UK

We introduced a pilot group of Mental Health First Aiders in London at the start of 2019 before rolling this out across our other UK offices. These volunteers are trained to spot the signs of mental health issues and to be a point of contact for colleagues who may need someone to talk to. Our human resources team is trained so that they are able to support individuals.

Mental health and wellbeing are important issues every day of the year, but we have used national and global awareness days to start conversations and discussion, including holding awareness raising events and delivering webinars on proactively managing wellbeing.

Sydney's 'Culture Club'

Our Sydney office recently launched a 'Culture Club' initiative aimed at encouraging our people to take a break during the working day in order to boost their physical and mental health, improve productivity, mood, motivation and concentration. 

The initiative puts together a programme of activities designed to help everyone find a way to connect with art, nature, music, language, history, culture, their city and each other in a mindful way.




Community matters

We believe that charitable activity in our communities really matters and makes a difference.

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Inclusion matters

As a global business, we recognise that developing innovative inclusion programmes really matters.

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