EU ETS for Shipping: Australia and Singapore

  • Podcast 2023年6月28日 2023年6月28日
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In light of the EU’s proposal to extend the EU ETS to include the shipping industry, we have put together a series of podcasts with our international colleagues across the world. The podcast focuses on the approach being taken in different jurisdictions to the decarbonisation of the maritime industry, with a spotlight on reactions to the expansion of the EU ETS.

In Part 4 of our podcast series looking at the extension of the EU ETS and its impact to the maritime transport industry, we examine the application of regional initiatives and what the future holds for shipping decarbonisation in Australia and Singapore. In this episode, Marie-Anne Moussalli and Ioanna Tsekoura are joined by Nic van der Reyden, a Partner at Clyde & Co’s Sydney office, and Paul Collier, a Legal Director at Clyde & Co’s Singapore office.