Quarterly Update Arbitration & Litigation 02/2023

  • Market Insight 2023年7月24日 2023年7月24日
  • 亚太地区, 中东, 英国和欧洲

  • 国际仲裁

We are delighted to share with you our second issue of our Quarterly Update Arbitration & Litigation for this year.

In this issue of our Quarterly Update Arbitration & Litigation, you will find once more reports on current topics and developments in the field of Arbitration & Litigation as well as the further series of our comparative law articles. In particular:

  • Germany more attractive as a place of arbitration? The German Federal Ministry of Justice plans a reform of the German Arbitration Law
  • Update on measures faced by foreign investors in Russia
  • Business protection: Tax Liability Insurance and Arbitration for effective risk management
  • The approach of the French courts to violations of international public policy: Cour de cassation pinpointing recent developments and trends
  • The approach of courts in England & Wales to violations of international public policy
  • The annulment of arbitral awards for violation of international public policy under Spanish law
  • Public policy challenges to arbitration awards in the United Arab Emirates
  • Full, Partial or Plausibility Review? – Public Policy and the Level of Scrutiny Applied by German Courts
  • Green light for enforcement of investor-state arbitration award in Australia

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