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We are pleased to have collaborated with Winmark to produce this year’s edition of the Corporate Risk Radar report. The annual report seeks the opinions of General Counsel, their in-house legal teams and the senior board and C-suite decision makers they work with, on the risk landscape their organisations face and their ability to navigate it effectively.

Report Summary

The risk landscape continues to evolve at a dizzying pace, driven by economic volatility, the accelerating impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and persistent geopolitical turbulence.

With the help of insights gleaned from 225 General Counsel, C-Suite executives, and CEOs worldwide, the 2024 edition of the Corporate Risk Radar report sheds light on the strategies and innovative approaches that business leaders will use to address the many challenges and opportunities they are facing.

Although the findings reveal a heightened sense of risk across multiple fronts, they also identify a sense of excitement about creating the organisational agility, foresight, and resilience required to take advantage of an increasingly complex array of challenges.

From grappling with the complexities of AI integration to navigating an intricate web of regulatory reforms, leaders are equipping their organisations with the capability to succeed by anticipating and adapting to rapid change.

Key findings

  1. Entering the age of polycrisis: The three areas of risk that business leaders expect to have the biggest impact in the next two to three years are: 
  • Economic risk
  • People challenges
  • Regulation and compliance burden

2. Spotlight on geopolitical and AI risks

3. The role of the GC: The changing role of the General Counsel (GC).

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