Emerging Risks - Lithium Batteries

  • Podcast 2023年12月18日 2023年12月18日
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Lithium batteries are a ubiquitous technology, used in everything from vaping devices to huge plants storing energy from offshore wind farms. The technology is in a state of rapid development, however, there have been many reported cases of product failures and mass recall events.

This podcast, given in conjunction with leading experts from Exponent, looks at the current status of Lithium Batteries technological development; the drivers of risk; and the considerations for underwriters and claims handlers in the fields of property, motor, product liability and product recall.


  • Neil Beresford, Partner, Clyde & Co
  • Benedict Idemundia, Senior Counsel, Clyde & Co
  • Meredith White, Associate, Clyde & Co
  • Sam Lawton, Senior Scientist, Exponent
  • James Frake, Managing Scientist, Exponent