MEA Employment Predictions 2024: Rise in Employee Harassment Claims in KSA

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Anticipate a noticeable uptick in the filing of employee harassment claims in Saudi Arabia, signalling the need for a comprehensive review of existing policies and the potential introduction of new measures to address and prevent workplace harassment.

The primary regulatory framework addressing workplace harassment in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) is Resolution No. 20912 dated 02.02.144 on the Controls for Protection Against Behavioural Abuses in the Work Environment, also known as the Inappropriate Behaviour at Work Regulations. Issued by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development in October 2019, these regulations came into force on 21/2/1441, corresponding to 20 October 2019. They aim to define inappropriate behaviour, outline investigation procedures for complaints, and establish policies for preventing such behaviour in the workplace.

Against the backdrop of radical societal change, these regulations have given a voice to employees to raise issues they encounter and in many circumstances a framework for employers to manage the impact of societal change on the workplace. This trend underscores the imperative for organisations to critically examine and enhance their existing measures to address and prevent workplace harassment effectively.

To respond to this growing movement, it is anticipated that further legislative reform may be considered and implemented in the course of 2024. This proactive approach recognises the evolving nature of workplace dynamics and the need for continuous improvement in legal frameworks to protect employees and create a safe and respectful working environment. As KSA navigates these changes, businesses are encouraged to stay abreast of legislative developments and proactively update their policies to foster a workplace culture that promotes dignity, respect, and zero tolerance for harassment.   

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