Webinar: The new workplace – managing your agile workforce in 2020

  • Market Insight 16 September 2020 16 September 2020
  • Middle East

  • Employment, Pensions & Immigration

As the impact of COVID-19 continues, we have seen employers' working practices over the past six months rapidly accelerate towards digitisation, reducing direct costs and compliance. In practice, these measures have meant embracing new ways of working, training and managing employees, revising travel and leave policies and tackling new challenges of employee engagement, not least the challenges of wellness and employee mental health.

In this webinar, with the participation of Dr. Claire Lewis, we explore the impact of the new agile workplace across the Middle East region. In particular, we look at the new challenges involved with managing a remote workforce and provide practical advice on flexible working, restructuring, travel policies and health and safety issues. 



Topics covered include: 

  • Regional impact of the new agile workplace
  • Managing work remotely: flexible working and performance challenges
  • Travel policies: work vs. personal travel
  • Current guidance on workplace sterilization and social distancing
  • Mental health issues


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