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Internal Investigations

Assistance for conducting internal investigations

Our team regularly conducts investigations for some of the largest global corporates. If wrong-doing is suspected within an organisation, it needs to act fast. We have the expertise required to guide you through every stage of an internal investigation, including the employment and disputes-related repercussions.

The scope of every investigation is different and we are skilled at determining the proper parameters and identifying issues and risks. Our global team is highly skilled in the conduct of interviews, document search and analysis and report writing. We can provide you with expert guidance and advice in relation to reporting requirements in different jurisdictions, an analysis of anti-corruption, anti-bribery and anti-money laundering legislation across multiple jurisdictions, revenue violations, asset tracing and employee fraud. We also advise on issues such as privilege, witness access, self-incrimination, data transfer, privacy issues, disclosure and self-reporting. 

We offer training for directors, senior management and staff regarding how to deal with investigations. Training is tailored to the individual organisation and ensures all concerned are aware of their rights and obligations and are equipped to manage the situation. 

We are one of only a few law firms with an in-house forensic accounting team. These chartered accountants are experienced in dispute and investigation assignments and have experience of being formal expert witnesses. The team is experienced in conducting financial investigations including fraud, regulatory and professional negligence.