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Regulatory & Investigations

Clyde & Co ensures its clients have the appropriate technical and practical support to comply with evolving regulatory change and to manage the risks associated with fraud, bribery and corruption.

Building resilience in global regulatory frameworks

Regulatory compliance is a major concern for businesses across the globe, in every profession and sector of commerce. The legal frameworks within which organisations operate are evolving, often at high speed, with regulators seeking to extend and refine their power and influence.

As a global law firm, we help clients build resilience against increasingly complex regulation, both locally and internationally. This often involves cross-border and multi-jurisdictional support to ensure they achieve and maintain compliance across their organisation.

We have the experience and knowledge to bolster compliance in established regulatory frameworks, and we have the capability to provide rapid, detailed responses to new regulations and legal requirements.

At the heart of our approach is the belief that being compliant should not impose onerous burdens on an organisation and that the assimilation of regulatory demands should cause the minimum of disruption.

With investigations on the rise, we help clients to demonstrate their willingness to cooperate with whichever regulator is involved, with the intention of achieving a satisfactory outcome in the shortest time possible. We also ensure clients can mount swift and effective internal investigations and take appropriate steps as required.

In circumstances where investigations give rise to criminal proceedings, we advise companies and individuals in relation to potential liability issues and defence options. Our global network of offices means we are on hand when and where required for our clients’ best interests.

Our Regulatory & Investigations Work

  • Africa
  • Americas
  • Asia Pacific
  • Middle East
  • UK & Europe
  • Potential sanctions breach chartering Libyan crude oil

    Advising an owner in relation to a voyage order from charterers to load a crude oil cargo out of Libya, including as to whether the owner could comply with the voyage order without being in breach of sanctions


    Sanctions regulations advice for an EU bank

    Advising an EU domiciled bank on EU sanctions regulations applicable to trade finance operations between the EU bank and its Libyan subsidiary bank

  • Advising Brazilian developers of renewable energy projects

    Advising Brazilian developers of renewable energy projects on agreements for the forward sale of carbon credits, reviewing CDM emission reductions purchase agreements and regulatory requirements


    Energy sector merger notification requirements

    We advised an oil and gas producer on exploration and production contracts subject to merger notification requirements, at EU level, or equally at other national competition regulator levels.


    Regulatory and compliance advice to a risk management organisation

    Advising a worldwide leading risk management and insurance intermediary on numerous regulatory and compliance issues in Canada

  • Advising on anti-bribery and corruption allegations

    Advising a multinational corporation on its anti-bribery and corruption obligations and resolving alleged concerns held by the Australian Federal Police and a regulator that the corporation had breached those obligations


    Southeast Asia and Central Asia

    From our offices in China, Hong Kong, and Singapore, we serve clients across the whole of Southeast Asia and Central Asia.

    • • Advising independent schools, universities and colleges on the establishment of campuses across the region, including China, Hong Kong and Singapore...

    International Air Transport Association - travel agent fraud claim

    Advising 32 airlines and the International Air Transport Association on a series of major frauds allegedly committed by various travel agents involving money laundering and the issuance of millions of pounds worth of tickets without accounting to the airlines


    World Trade Organisation EU public procurement rules

    Advised a metal producer on World Trade Organisation (WTO) law issues arising from a proposed ban by Indonesia on the export of iron ore. We also advised on the possibility of producers coordinating a response to such an initiative, within the bound permitted by competition laws in the EU and...


    Defending Air New Zealand

    Successfully defending Air New Zealand in the EU Commission’s extensive proceedings against 20+ airlines accused of cartel infringements in the air cargo sector. The investigation led to 11 airlines being given fines totalling EUR 800 million

    New Zealand

    Implementing UN financial sanctions against Libya

    Advising a leading international trading organisation on the implementation of UN financial sanctions against Libya by Singapore and whether Singapore has expanded its list of designated persons following the implementation of EU Regulation 503/2011


    National government implementation of UN financial sanctions

    Providing advice on the implementation of UN financial sanctions by Singapore; whether Singapore has implemented UN Security Council Resolution 1970 (2011) against Libya; and whether Singapore has expanded its list of designated persons following the implementation of EU Regulation 503/2011

  • Advice on US sanctions

    Advising insurance, reinsurance, shipping and corporate clients on US sanctions in Iran, North Korea, Cuba, Sudan, Syria and Somalia


    Advising traders on region-specific sanctions

    Advising trading companies on issues arising from sanctions against doing business in, among other places, Iraq and Syria


    Iraqi Government

    Drafting the Free Zone Laws for Iraq.


    Unlawful expropriation of assets and property

    Advising Saudi investors in relation to an ICSID arbitration, BIT treaties and alternative enforcement mechanisms regarding the unlawful expropriation of assets and property by the Egyptian government arising out of the Arab Spring

    Saudi Arabia

    IT system hacking allegations

    Acting for a Dubai trader on an investigation following a company's IT system being hacked

    United Arab Emirates

    UAE Government departments compliance advice

    Advising various UAE Government departments with respect to proposed legislation and providing reports on compliance and consistency within existing Federal and Emirate legislation

    United Arab Emirates

    UAE Regulator

    Advising this UAE regulator on its framework law including conducting a detailed benchmarking exercise, advising on policy matters and implementation of the law and redrafting legislation. This project interfacing with a number of other government departments.

    United Arab Emirates

    Meydan Free Zone

    Drafting the employment regulations for the Meydan Free Zone.

    United Arab Emirates


    Advising AECOM in respect of its restructuring of a substantial number of operating companies carrying out business throughout the Middle East following its merger with Cansult/Maunsell. This instruction comprised a substantial due diligence exercise into the various operating companies and...

    United Arab Emirates
  • Banking sector claims validation advice

    Advising the CEO and directors of a large Eastern European/Russian Bank in a multimillion dollar fraud case

    Russian Federation

    EU Emissions fraud in the European Registry

    Advising regarding an EU Emissions fraud in the European Registry which caused the market to stop trading for a short period of time after a number of legitimate players found themselves subject to litigation regarding related property rights and emissions


    Fidelity and crime insurers investigation

    Acting for fidelity and crime insurers in investigations of fraudulent schemes in the US, Canada, Japan, Argentina and Bermuda

    United Kingdom

    Leisure sector premises fatality

    Advising a FTSE 250 company in the leisure sector regarding a fatality that occurred at one of its premises, which is currently being investigated by the Police and Council. 

    United Kingdom

    Employee fatality and corporate manslaughter claim

    Representing a manufacturer of canoes and kayaks for Corporate Manslaughter following the death of one of its employees including providing the company's Directors with advice and representation in relation to suspected offences of Gross Negligence Manslaughter and breach of section 37 of the...

    United Kingdom

    Health & Safety Executive prosecution

    Successfully representing a specialist roofing company at trial in relation to a prosecution by the Health & Safety Executive following a fall from height incident where a contractor received serious lower limb injuries on a client site

    United Kingdom

    Railway station upgrade fatality

    Advising a construction company in relation to the death of a subcontractors' driver whilst making a delivery to site including first attendance on site on the day of fatality, dealing with police, liaising with the Office of Rail Regulation and the Health & Safety Executive, interviewing...

    United Kingdom

    Noise pollution allegations and investigation

    Advising a subsidiary of the largest supplier of industrial gases and related equipment in the UK in relation to an investigation by the Council into alleged breaches of a Noise Abatement Notice at one of its sites

    United Kingdom

    Environment Agency radioactive substance investigation

    Advising a global oil engineering service company in relation to an Environment Agency investigation concerning the possible breach of their environmental permit regarding radioactive substances in Wales

    United Kingdom

    Railway fatality investigation and advice

    Advising a joint venture that runs a rail line in the northwest of the UK in respect of a fatality including investigating the incident, advising the company Board and dealing with a number of complex and highly sensitive health and safety issues leading to the prosecution of the train conductor...

    United Kingdom

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