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Energy Tech Podcast: Technology and Efficiency in a Revolutionised Energy Sector

  • Podcast 30 June 2021 30 June 2021
  • UK & Europe

  • Energy & Natural Resources

Using energy in a smart and efficient way is key to reducing greenhouse gas emissions to manageable levels and achieving Net Zero by 2050. In this podcast, we take a look at how advancements in technology in the fields of machine learning, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things and blockchain, have a huge potential to eliminate inefficiencies in energy use by both businesses and individuals.

The ways in which we use energy to light our offices and homes, to power our appliances and to entertain our friends can in themselves be huge sources of energy waste. In this episode of our Energy Tech podcast series Richard Power is joined by Mark Williamson and Tom Tippett to discuss how cheap smart sensors can be installed in offices and homes to feed information on energy use directly into optimising algorithms, which can then automate the energy supply according the highs and lows of demand.

Listen to find how these exciting new technologies will be applied and to understand the key legal opportunities and risk associated with them.

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