A Climate for Change | Built to Last - Constructing Resilience

  • Podcast 18 November 2021 18 November 2021
  • Climate Change

In this episode, Jane O’Reilly is joined by Clyde & Co Legal Director Chris Leadbetter, Lara Young, Group Carbon Manager at Costain, and James Dean, CEO and Co-Founder of Sensat to discuss decarbonisation in the construction sector.

Throughout the discussion the group cover how the industry needs to adapt in order to meet emissions targets; the role of education in instigating change; the importance of technical innovations and data within the industry and how this can enable businesses to work towards net zero; the transitional risks facing companies that fail to prepare adequately and the benefits to those who are proactive; if there is a sense of urgency to decarbonise within the industry; and what they would build their house out of if they could use any material!

This episode was produced by Gabriella Bligh, George Nix, Catriona Campbell, Annie Wood and Jane O'Reilly.

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Additional authors:

Gabriella Bligh, George Nix, Catriona Campbell and Annie Wood

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