A Climate for Change | Lighting the way: The Energy Sector of the Future

  • Podcast 27 January 2022 27 January 2022
  • Climate Change

In this episode, Jane O'Reilly is joined by Clyde & Co Partner Mark Walsh and Associate Partner at The Governance Group Jason Stanley to discuss the importance of decarbonising the energy sector and the challenges and opportunities it brings.

The group discuss the transition from a carbon intensive energy sector to a net zero sector and where we currently are in this transition; what new technology is emerging in the sector and how this is helping the transition; what might happen to those oil and gas companies who fail to diversify or take long to diversify; and what steps the oil and gas sector is undertaking to reduce their carbon footprint and what could our listeners take from this and implement today?

In our round of quick fire questions we find out how Jason and Mark foresee houses being powered in the future and what super power they would each have to address climate change – Who is the diplomat? Who is the insulator?


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