Dimensions in Pride: A Pryde & Co Global Chat on LGBTIQ Issues for Pride Month

  • Podcast 01 July 2022 01 July 2022
  • Africa, Asia Pacific, North America, UK & Europe

  • Responsible Business

Join Clyde & Co Partner Alena Titterton in a series of conversations in curiosity on all things diversity and inclusion.

In this episode, Clyde & Co partner Alena Titterton chats with Patricia Moore, Associate in our Chicago office, Dave Dhillon, Associate in our Toronto office and Jacob Smit, Senior Associate in our Sydney Office in a wide-ranging conversation that touches on how to be a good LGBTIQ ally, intersectionality, Juneteenth, celebrity outings, recent legal and political developments on LGBTIQ rights and celebrating the work of great queer artists that our fabulous Pryde Network folk recommend. 


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